Number of Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Occurrences

The creation of any new occurrence number in CAD is considered a “CAD event” regardless of the source. CAD events may be generated from calls coming into the Communications Centre from a non-emergency line, from a 9-1-1 phone line, initiated by an officer or dispatcher, or generated from our on-line reporting system. A call may be cancelled, duplicated from multiple people reporting the same incident, taken over the phone by our resource desk, of a nature requiring a police report to be prepared or concluded with no report being necessary.

Although ordered slightly differently, the same CAD occurrence types compose the most frequent occurrence types generated each year. A large proportion of the most frequent occurrence types are not criminal in nature but rather involve community safety and maintenance of public order that is a significant part of the demand on policing services. Other frequent occurrence types are generated to track workload on our services, for example the 9-1-1 calls made in error.


                                                                                               2016                         2015*           Percentage Change

Total CAD Occurrences                                                  
 287,522                       280,420                      2.5%

Average Number of CAD Occurrences Per Day                   
785.6                          768.3      

Average Number of CAD Occurrences Per Hour            
      32.7                             32.0 

New CAD Occurrences Every….                                  1 min., 50 seconds   1 min., 52 seconds   

*2016 was a Leap Year

2016 Top Ten CAD Occurrences                                Frequency                  New CAD Event Every…

1.         Vehicle Stop                                                      40,249                         13 minutes

2.         Filed 9-1-1 Call (to Fire or Ambulance)             34,923                         15 minutes

3.         Administrative Notice (9-1-1 Error)                    34,657                         15 minutes

4.         Compassionate to Locate                                  15,617                         34 minutes

5.         Theft Under $5000                                             10,908                         48 minutes

6.         Bylaw Complaint                                                10,394                         51 minutes

7.         Motor Vehicle Collision-Property Damage           9,206                         57 minutes

8.         Unwanted Person                                                8,284                         1 hour, 4 minutes

9.         Proactive Initiative/Project                                   7,405                         1 hour, 11 minutes

10.       Injured/Sick Person                                             6,846                         1 hour, 17 minutes