How Does Online Reporting Work? When a user submits an online report they are immediately provided a temporary occurrence number. The report is then submitted to a Constable and upon satisfied review, the user is provided a copy of the completed report in their email inbox which they can keep in their files or provide to other requesting agencies.

How Do I Report Online? To use this service or to find out more, please go to www.wrps.on.ca and click on the yellow Online Reporting button.  


Why Report Online? Online Reporting provides a convenient way to report incidents of crime to Waterloo Regional Police Service. This service has been available since October 2012 and includes non-emergency circumstances such as Thefts Under $5000, Property Damage, and Lost and Found Property (Under $5000). Even if you think an incident is insignificant or not likely to be solved, reporting it to police provides an opportunity for WRPS to analyze the information and gain a better understanding of where and what crime is occurring. Online reporting is gaining increased use due to the convenience of quick and easy access 24 hours a day, anywhere with internet access.

What are the Online Reporting Trends? As shown in the chart below, the number of occurrences reported online has increased each year. The number of reports made in 2016 increased 5% over 2015 and is now greater than 2000 occurrences per year. Consistent with previous years, Thefts Under $5000 accounted for 75% of all online reports.