​​In 2016, Waterloo Regional Police officers submitted 271 Use of Force Reports compared to 222 reports in 2015.  An analysis of these reports indicates that officers utilize good judgment and de-escalation techniques when required or authorized to use force, and are in compliance with use of force legislation and procedures.

There were a total of 287,522 occurrences generated in CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) which is an increase of 2.5% from 2015.  Of relevance to use of force reporting is the number of arrests made.  In 2016, 14,211 arrests were made by officers compared to 13,624 arrests in 2015.  This is an increase in 4.3%.  Furthermore, in 2016, WRPS officers submitted 271 Use of Force Reports compared to 222 reports in 2015; an increase of 22.1%. 


In 2016, the Training Branch trained 175 new users on the X2 Taser Conducted Energy Weapon.  It is expected that all frontline officers and those working in Branches where CEWs are assigned will be trained on the X2 CEW by the end of 2017.

According to the Region Wide Neighbourhood Policing Statistical Report there were 2551 Mentally Ill occurrences reported in 2016, which is a 12.4% increase from 2015.  Additionally, there were 1809 Attempt Suicide occurrences reported in 2016, which is an 18.9% increase from 2015.  Of all Mentally Ill and Attempt Suicide occurrences combined, 33.5% resulted in arrest/apprehension (1,459/4,360), which contributed to the overall increase in arrests for 2016. 

Despite the increase in mental health related arrests, officers used force in only 1.6% of these incidents (23 reports).

If we remove the mental health related arrests/apprehensions from total arrests for 2015 and 2016 the increase in arrests in 2016 is only 2.84%, which is in line with the increase in total CAD occurrences in 2016.



Although calls for the humane destruction of an animal appear to have increased significantly, the 5-year average is 39.4 reports/incidents per year.  The incidents of officers discharging a firearm for the humane destruction of an animal are not considered force used against a member of the public and are not referred to again in the remainder of this report.